Welcome to the ProBuild Blog;


So here we are, a new chapter in our lives and careers, a massive leap of faith has been taken, though not into the wilderness, we have progressed ourselves to achieve the true career satisfaction we had been craving.

After many years fine-tuning our experience, knowledge and reputation,  Elliot has spent 12 years with Project Resource becoming a Director in the process and  Karl has 15 years managing offices and teams in the UK and Internationally, you may ask “why would we decide to leave the safety net of employment?”. For us, there are many reasons, have you ever felt that there is something more to the career you have, do you harbour bigger dreams but tell yourself “I can’t do it” or suppress those thoughts with a promotion or pay-rise? Well, that’s what continually happened for us for years, until we finally took action…

The 3 main reasons we have started ProBuild, which we’d like to share:

  • Swapping management time for family time– As much as we are grateful for everyone we have worked for, with, managed and been managed by, we simply wanted to swap the time spent in management and give it back to our family.  Life is too short, we want to enjoy every moment with our family.
  • Deliver the relationship our customers deserve– Similarly we found that in cutting our management time and “big company” politics we are able to deliver the service we believe ALL our customers deserve.  As our company strapline says we really do believe in “Building Relationships”, its not just something we say.
  • To give back to the people around us – We want to buck the trend in recruitment and change mindset, in a lot of circles recruitment has become a dirty industry and in a lot respect its true. For us we want ProBuild to positively promote recruitment, support our competition and respect the construction industry.

To all those we have worked with in the past, who have trained us, been colleagues and managers we would like to say a big thank you!  To all our customers past, present and future, we want to thank you too. Finally to all others who helped us, offered us advice and even took the time to meet us in helping set up ProBuild Recruitment, we are truly grateful for all your help.


So welcome to ProBuild Recruitment we hope your experience with us is memorable.

Please take a look at our new website at www.probuilrec.com and also follow us on; LinkedIn; www.linkedin.com/company/probuild-recruitment-solutions-ltd

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